Byte Federal Becomes First ATM Network to Enable Lightning Network Nationwide

Byte Federal Unveils Groundbreaking Bitcoin Lightning Network Integration Across Massive Bitcoin ATM Network

September 18, 2023 — Byte Federal is excited to announce that it has become the first Bitcoin ATM network to enable the purchase of lightning sats directly from its nationwide Bitcoin ATMs. The integration of Lightning, a Layer 2 protocol designed to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions atop the existing Bitcoin blockchain, amplifies Byte Federal’s commitment to offering unparalleled financial solutions in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

By democratizing access to lightning sats, Byte Federal is empowering people to engage with cryptocurrency in a way that was previously restricted to more experienced users. This update is a significant step forward in achieving Byte Federal’s mission of bringing financial freedom and inclusion to the masses.

Lightning Strikes the Market

The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution to the limitations of Bitcoin’s scalability, allowing for instantaneous transactions at a fraction of the cost of on-chain operations. By enabling Lightning transactions through its ATMs, Byte Federal offers its customers an optimized user experience that makes micropayments and regular transactions significantly more accessible and practical.
The unprecedented development paves the way for mainstream users to turn cash into sats quickly and easily. A “sat” is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin – 100 million sats in one Bitcoin.

Accessibility and Convenience With the Lightning Network

Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM Network

Byte Federal’s ATM network of over 1,000 machines spans over 40 states, providing convenient and secure access to Bitcoin for thousands of users daily. The addition of Lightning functionality reaffirms the company’s commitment to lowering the barriers to entry for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large.

A Proactive Response to Evolving Needs

As cryptocurrency continues to burgeon as both a speculative investment and a viable alternative to traditional financial systems, Byte Federal’s adoption of Lightning technology represents a proactive response to the evolving needs of a diverse and expanding user base. By leading innovation and security, Byte Federal seeks to set a new industry standard.

About Byte Federal

Established in 2016, Byte Federal is a leading Bitcoin ATM network committed to simplifying the world of digital currency for the average consumer. Through a vast network of ATMs, a cutting-edge hybrid banking and crypto wallet, and a modern point-of-sale that facilitates Bitcoin adoption in the retail marketplace, Byte Federal offers secure, fast, and convenient cryptocurrency transactions – now enhanced with the revolutionary power of the Lightning Network.

Important to note: All of Byte Federal’s ATMs are made in the USA, with all software and hardware built in-house. Byte Federal also operates its Lightning channels. Unique for the industry, Byte Federal believes in vertically integrating its company to innovate faster and remain a driving force in the fintech revolution that Bitcoin’s whitepaper unleashed. In our mission statement here, you can read more about Byte Federal’s commitment to financial freedom.

Byte Federal is forging the future today, lightning-fast. Experience the next level of cryptocurrency transactions by locating a Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM near you.