What advantages does ByteFederal Australia offer to individuals interested in becoming ATM hosts?

Host Benefits

Apart from hosting fees, you can potentially earn transaction fees for each purchase made through the ATM, providing you additional income, as the adoption of crypto continues to grow.

Bitcoin has gained significant popularity and having a convenient Bitcoin ATM will draw crypto enthusiast to your store.

By offering a ByteFederal Australia Bitcoin ATM, you are providing added convenience to your customers, cementing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

ByteFederal Australia provides assistance to both the HOSTs and our clients, ensuring that any technical issues or inquiries are promptly addressed.

ByteFederal Australia may offer marketing support and promotional materials to host locations. This can include signage, brochures, or other digital capabilities to promote the availability of the Bitcoin ATM in your store. By leveraging our marketing resources, you can increase awareness and attract more customers.

ByteFederal Australia's Bitcoin ATMs prioritise security and compliance measures.  ByteFederal Australia is registered with AUSTRAC as a DCE (Digital Currency Exchange) AUSTRAC (DCE:100816559-002)

You are partnering with a digital asset institution that maintains a high reputation focused on an integrity driven ecosystem, giving comfort to all our Hosts and clients.

As we are building a global presence, there are number of additional products and serivices ByteFederal Australia will be launching within our ecosystem that will benefit our clients and hosts.


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